Response to the Daily Post Prompt: Unfinished

In the last few years, I have left a few things unfinished. I used to be extremely organized, everything neat, knew where everything was. But lately,  health has been the priority, and items slip away to be forgotten. In order to remedy this situation financially, I have my bills on EFTs. No mailing makes it more convenient, and the bills aren’t forgotten or paid late. Household items, however, do suffer. I’m always putting something where I know I’ll remember it, and of course I can’t. Maybe it’s just old age! Horrors! I’m not that old, well, maybe I am. Darn!  
Today my sister and her four daughters are visiting from NY. I made a family favorite like our mom used to make, macaroni and cheese. Put it in the oven, and thought, I’m glad I put that larger pan under it, to catch any spilled milk…….oh my gosh, forgot to add the milk! Not that crunchy mac and cheese would be all that bad, but we are used to the creamy kind. So it was unfinished. This might have remained undone in the past, especially if it was one of those “drag on” days where it’s hard to accomplish anything. But the busier I was, working outside the home, maintaining a household, kids, etc., the more organized I was.