Response to the Daily Prompt: Together

Can you be together if you’re separated by thousands of miles? In the years of WWII, a mother sends her four sons to war. No computers or cell phones available, no instant message to let her know they are safe. She prays night and day, and completes her daily chores. Her husband is gone from sunrise to sunset, working on the roads. Being together for support is not possible. The bond between mother and child is the only togetherness. Faith reassures her they will return unharmed. Relieved and grateful, they come home to be together once more.

5 thoughts on “Response to the Daily Prompt: Together

    1. A good “old fashioned” letter is an exceptional treat, but it means so much. I think the short texts are just a form of laziness? Not to be harsh, but I miss the correspondence, excitement of opening an actual letter.

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  1. I love your dragonfly. My mother loves them too and it reminds me of her. We live 1600 miles apart but we still manage to work on projects – just finished an illustrated chapbook, in fact – and that really brings us together.

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