Reviews 😔

Two new offerings: “Annette” on Prime and “Reminiscence” on HBO left me wondering what world I’m living in.

Let me preface this with: anything I write here on my blog is my opinion only.

I had just finished rewatching “Game of Thrones” and looking for something to see when the family is gone to Denver for soccer. Many people consider GoT not worth watching but I loved it and watched all the behind the scenes showing how much was put into making this triumph.

As for the first mentioned efforts I shake my head. Not being an Adam Driver fan in the first place I decided to give it a go. The first five minutes I thought, well is this another “Rocky Horror” type? After ten minutes, I gave up. It’s not worth watching even that long – again IMO.

I love Hugh Jackman and was looking forward to his new movie, “Reminiscence” and watched a while longer hoping for a better story with better acting and found none. Sad to say it’s another fail IMO.

If you have seen these shows, tell me what you think. I’m interested because the first one, “Annette” received great reviews. Maybe I’m just not getting it—😵‍💫😃

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