Afterwards Prompt 5

Once upon a never”

The angry woman shook her head

Again her husband rose from bed.

It won’t stop, all those noises that I hear

Get up again and this time fix it right, my dear!

Alright, I will, but I was just relaxing

Fixing things at midnight is very taxing.

I suppose you’re just too tired to fix it one more time

Of course not, I know I have to answer to the chime.

Then keeping silent, the man completes the chore

And then tiredly, returns to bed once more

A sound repeats, she asks him to rise up

“Check downstairs, I think maybe it’s the pup”

Reluctantly, he don’s his robe for another investigation

His patience is wearing thin, turns to consternation

Then the man returns to bed and pulls up all the blankets

Hoping all is settled, sleeps, but still remaining thankless.


Finally he’s sleeping, and this is what he dreams:

She finally realizes to appreciate him, it seems

Incredulous he hears her say to him, “you are such a helpful spouse

I owe you a big thank you for taking care of me and this old house.”



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