6 thoughts on “30 Day Song Challenge #30

    1. I told a woman in Ft Collins, CO to check out WOW airlines when she couldn’t find a flight out of Denver. She liked it. She doesn’t do snow she said and wanted to go to LA. ; ) She owns a soccer shop where we get cleats for the kids. You are welcome anytime my dear, but this is not a pleasant time of year here. It’s cold, wind nonstop and brown. Thanks for the offer to send snow! It would just blow away! : )

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    2. Thanks for passing on the info about Wow Air 😉

      I come from Freezingland, unless you have moved to the Artic recently, I don’t think the weather can rebute me 😛

      I’ll see what I can do about the snow… I just might have to find refrigerated containers, otherwise, I’ll just be sending you water, and I doubt you’ll be as interested 😛

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