Daily Prompt: Warning

Sometimes a warning works. Warning of two parkers in the lot of my building seems to have taken effect. In front of my building there are two handicapped spots at the other end of the walk from my apartment. Two cars take them both every day. In ice and snow weather I have to be pushed through the parking lot because I don’t have the access my wheelchair requires.

The parkers live across and up the stairs from the spaces. Which means, they don’t use walking aid devices or need them. In fact parking across the lot in front of their own apartment would allow them easier access to their cars.

Sometimes they park over the ramp spots and my access to the walk is completely denied. I can’t drive myself, so having a family member pushing me from another lot or lifting the chair and me over the sidewalk edge is ridiculous.

After three letters to the management who answered there was nothing they could do, yesterday it happened.

I was picked up by my family for the high school band concert. The spaces were open. One of the offending users was loading his car across the lot in front of his building. Loading equipment. Being my outspoken self I said loud enough for him to hear, “can you believe it? We can finally use the handicapped spot!”

Luckily my son in law had his head in the trunk at the time! : )


Warning two: At the same time this miracle happened, the array of dog do at the ramp access from a small dog living in that apartment had been cleaned up and their patio was also neat and clean. Hallelujah!

So a few complaints and I’m sure a few warnings by the management finally produced results!


Now trying to be a positive thinker I’ll try to avoid the jinx factor as I write this. :0



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