Sometimes you have to laugh!

I was at the store for four items. It was flooded, snowy and icy in the parking lot and extremely crowded. All the handicap spaces were taken, so it was quite a messy ride into the store. I needed to buy a cheap pair of gloves to wheel my chair because they were covered with slush. The usual carts you can use were all taken.

As Sophia would say on “Golden Girls”, picture it. . .but it’s not Sicily, it’s cold, snowy Wyoming. I decided to put my feet between the two parts of a cart and push it with my wheelchair just to pick up the things I needed. Of course they were all in different departments. I’m doing okay with this method even though it’s crowded. A guy came towards me on “my” side of the aisle and we both stopped. I said, “sorry but I can’t move, I’m turning left.” He laughed and moved over. Then I had to push the cart against another abandoned cart to reach the item I needed. The very same man saw this and said, “you’re a trouble maker aren’t you?” I said “most definitely”, and we laughed again.

I was cruising down the main aisle, only one more item to get, and saw a man coming towards me with his cart. He was tall, unshaven and wearing a sweater, no shirt under it or coat. The sweater had a big “NICE” written on it. I just laughed out loud as he came near and said, “nice?” He just kept on going by, saying, “yup, that’s me!” I loved it.

I so enjoy interacting with people, even though they’re strangers and some probably think I’m nuts. I don’t care. At least my family’s used to it. Last week I rolled into a Walmart and this older man came up and started talking to me. He took my hand and we said a few words. My family came in after parking and saw the man leaving. They asked me about it and I joked, “yes, I always pick up old men in Walmart.” We were laughing when two women walked by and gave me a disgusted look. It was hilarious.

Sometimes you just have to laugh.


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