SYW 12-04-17

Hello from the old west. Yes, I’m talking cowboy hats, jeans, boots and spurs. Cattle drives, oil rigs, gold, coal, silver mines, even some uranium thrown in. Horses on the highway, bison in the field, and beauty of grass and mountains. So now you’ve got the picture, let’s not ruin it by mentioning huge loud pickup trucks and guns.😂

It’s ? Degrees and cloudy, but since I dropped my phone into a sink of soapy water, I have no idea the temperature. Christmas decorating done, I kept it to a minimum this year, and I have packages to mail as soon as I wrap them. After I have coffee, (I know, it’s 11:28, but I had a late night) I’ll try to take the phone apart and see if it’s salvageable. The light is blinking but the screen is black. I scooped it out of the sink, tapped and dried with a towel, removed the case, and put it in a bag of rice overnight, but no pic on the screen yet. Man, I really liked this phone, too.😫

Here is a partial pic of‘s Share Your World post. Come in, the water’s fine.

My answers are:

1. Dusting, for I can’t reach everything anymore.

2. Well that would be telling, wouldn’t it? Better keep it to myself.

3. Once, from Colorado to Wyoming, in 2014.

Inspiration this week comes from my son-in-law. He has been going through a tough time for a while and now it seems things are looking up! He is my favorite and only sil, one of a kind, and I love him dearly.


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