Daily Prompt:  Elastic

One of my favorite words because I think it sounds exactly like what it means eeeelaaaastic! It almost snaps back on your tongue with the “tic” part. Okay, I can see you’re looking up the loony bin number on your cell phone to ask the white coats to pick me up….it wouldn’t be the first time…I’m kidding!


Elastic can apply to a lot of things but right now I’m choosing relationships. We’ve all been there–attraction, retraction, attraction, right? Today I’m wishing lots of attraction with no retraction. But life is elastic, isn’t it?


3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt:  Elastic

  1. That’s actually a really effective metaphor for relationships! I think of how, if you were to take a rubber band and keep stretching it back and forth really fast, simulating constant tension, eventually the heat of the friction will snap the rubber band. Or if you were to stretch it as far as it could go right before snapping, and you do that enough over a long period of time, eventually it becomes that stretched, and it’ll never be able to get back to being as close as it was in the beginning. Powerful stuff.

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