MLMM First Line Friday – Moonlight 

I cannot rest when the moon is full, its wintery presence keeps me wakeful. It must be the tides, the gravity pull,  something seems to be keeping me on edge.  I watch this huge full moon from my window each night.  I ask it why it bothers me so.  Of course it doesn’t answer and tries to hide in the clouds.

It could be him, my mind offers.  He who disturbs my every thought, especially in the quiet of the night.  I turn away from the window, but the moon’s light follows into every corner.  I pull the covers up as much as I can and still be able to breathe, but it peeks in.  Is there no way to escape these memories that haunt me each night?

I turn again and face the window.  All right, come in. Come in and illuminate my heart again. Wake it up to accept what I cannot change, force memories I’ve tried to hide.  Bring it all back to me.  I’ll face it within the moonlight, but at sunrise, they’ll be forgotten again.

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