Sunday Photo Fiction – Rubbish

Here lie the last remnants of summer, now curled, stepped on, harshly raked, eventually bagged, and then referred to as rubbish. Once a green, soft bud, unfurling it’s beauty to a warming sun, it has now ended its life purpose. It once spread among its peers to offer you shade in a hot season, going on to delight you in autumn with new bright colors for your pleasure. Now it seems its time is done. 

Every deciduous tree and plant should be appreciated and admired for the comfort and beauty they provide. These leaves have worked hard. The evidence is visible on their cracked, torn and weathered appearance. Shall we thank them by bagging them and sending them to the rubbish bin?

Possibly we could extend their usefulness. We could gather them and gently place them around other plants or gardens to provide warmth and protection during colder times. This furthers their purpose, using their last bit of strength to continue a protective role.

I appreciate nature and it’s beauty, and marvel in how trying to manage it ourselves becomes futile. The more we try to improve something, the less useful it becomes.


9 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction – Rubbish

    1. The new rug is giving me headaches, I swear it’s getting brighter everyday. My blood pressure is now normal. 😊 But somehow I feel a bit up and down, it must be the time of year! I’m not sleeping very well 😬

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  1. Not forgetting the fun of crunching them under foot, kicking them high until they fall as rain. Or composting them for next years rich feed for the garden. Thread and pva a garland of the prettiest, to dress an Autumnal fireplace. Nice post.


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