MLMM – First Line Friday

When Sahi returned to The Ridge there was nothing left but charred wood jutting from the snow. They had gone, disappeared after the gathering. The smoke was still in the air and she breathed it in. She loved the campfire scent but the cold air was icy in her lungs.

She had been gone for an hour or more, tracking those footprints. No one else seemed interested in who made them or where they led. Sahi was always curious but now she wondered if she had been foolish to take off by herself. Wondering why they left and there seemed to be no trace of their leaving, it was almost like they had just vanished.

Following the mysterious footprints resulted in disappointment because they just stopped. No trailing off into deeper snow, no evidence left, just like her friends at the fire. Suddenly aware of darkness quickly approaching, she began the trek back to the cabin. It wasn’t a long journey but after her exploring, her feet grew heavy and slow. Sahi kept her eye on her destination but it seemed the cabin’s image was disappearing. Snow began to fall and she started to worry she might not make it.

Sahi squinted her eyes tight trying not to lose sight of the cabin. A swift wind curled around her, almost knocking her off her feet. She felt suddenly frightened, as if she was no longer in control of her movements. The snow seemed to come thicker and faster every minute.

The state police scoured the ridge the following day, finding only the remains of a campfire. They were puzzled as to why it existed here, so far away from the abandoned cabin. There was no evidence of anyone actually living in the cabin, but the few embers left under the charred wood were still warm. Sahi’s mother had called and asked them to search for her. No trace of Sahi or her friends was ever found, only the remains of the fire with forever-warm embers.


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