I wanted to take a minute to put down a couple of things that won’t be read by everyone.  So here they are.  I very much enjoy writing here.  I have no aspirations of being an author, I usually write what comes to mind when seeing a photo or word Prompt.  Sometimes I just ramble about what’s bothering me, what I find sad or happy concerning myself and my family.

There are many posts about family, love, and health.  I have a few rants here and there but try to keep a positive or humorous note in the writings.  I write as personal as I’m able and hope you’ll take it as it is meant, to share my feelings about life in general, and especially love.  I am a hopeless romantic, if nothing else.

I love and I truly mean that, reading your blogs, seeing your photographs, art, and learning about your lives, travels, dreams, and experiences.  Since I am pretty much isolated here for the time being at least, it’s wonderful to get out in the world by reading and seeing other blog posts.

If you happen to stumble on this, thanks for reading. I wanted to express my gratitude to my readers and followers.  I thank you sincerely for reading and commenting.  It does mean a lot to me.  I use the dragonfly symbols because I think they are beautiful and they are a symbol of change.

Cheryl @ https://rugby843.blog