Trippin’…Over a Root

I can’t stop laughing at this, so clever, true and hilarious. Thanks, cigarman!


At exactly one point three-three miles into my workout, according to my GPS app, I kicked a freakin’ root.  I wasn’t paying attention to the rock and root strewed path…I was paying attention to a half-dozen Canadian geese who were stopping by from…Canada?  When they landed I watched and tripped over the root banging my arthritic toe.  The geese didn’t stay long, instead, they took off to another part of the lake.  It might have been the loud cursing erupting from my mouth.

As I hobbled on and gazed heavenward contemplating my pain and the distance my expletives might have traveled heavenward, I kicked another root.  Same foot, same big toe…the big toe I’m trying put off surgery on until winter comes around again and I am worthless…ah, more worthless.

The second kick was even more solid than the first.  Mortar Forker!  This time I bent over, hands on knees…

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Let’s Talk About Drugs

Thought it might be time for another reminder …

The Bag Lady

I’m not a teacher and this is the last thing you’d want to hear from one, I’m sure. I am going to tell you my own experience with just one pain killer I’ve used for the many years of back and leg pain. Fentanyl. If you are thinking of using it, don’t. If your doctor prescribes it, tell him you want something else. Read the fact sheets I have added to this post, please!

I had two failed surgeries on my back in February and March 1999. The surgeon professed to be the best in Houston, and as you might know, Houston is famous for its medical center. After many years of pain, my friend begged me to go to this doctor and during the visit he assured me he could make me pain free. It was a miracle! I knew something was wrong when I woke up from the…

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Sunday Photo Fiction – Who, Me?

Sunday Photo Fiction – Who, me?
A traitor you say?

I answer, nay! Nay!

There was no plot

For the blood spot

Found on your landing quay.

A beautiful ship

Docked on the slip?
I’m the captain of such a vessel.
To take my sword 
And act untoward?
I’d never cause such a peril.

Surely you jest

And I behest
I do no such grifting
I merely disembarked
Made a rude remark
To my mates as they were drifting.

Their apparent plan

Was to leave their captain
Aside when they left to pirate.
So the blood you see
Had not to do with thee,
But the companions on my frigate.

The captain turned

His fate overturned
Even gave him back his parrot
Which proved a rue
For the parrot spoke true:
Aye, the capn’s speech has no merit!

He spoke to your guard

Then drew his sword
And told his crew to be steady
The guard displaced
Thought it was safe
To plunder and had canons ready.

His parrot revolted

The captain bolted
Thought his crew left him abandoned
But then he escaped
As the shore was draped
In a barrage from the ships cannons.


The real truth of this tale

Similar to the white whale
Is spoken of by the parrot.
The captain lied
Eventually died
He should have chosen a ferret.

(I give up on spacing……apparently!)

Wordle – 156 – Biometrics Class

He was aware of his oscilant behavior while trying to focus on straightening his vertebra in the student chair. This was a tough class and trying to concentrate and catch every nuance of the instructor was difficult. His tendency to doze after an all-nighter was evident as his head kept trying to nod. Straightening himself in the desk, trying to reform his body into an assumed position of attention, he feared the next question would be asked of him. 

Uncanny as it may seem, he was thoroughly aware of this strand of Biometrics. He enjoyed studying the topic and even though the instructor barrel eyed his nodding pate, he was capable of answering any query put to him–as long as he could stay awake and not collapse from exhaustion.

SYW – May 22, 2017

Good day!  Or g’day?  Whatever, how are you all doing?  I’m having smile oriented leftovers from a great day yesterday.  That was until…..well I’ll rant about that later.  Right now it’s answering questions for Share Your World:  

1.  A place I would like to go that I’ve never been is, UK, Switzerland, Africa, China – no cities, just countryside.  Actually, everywhere!  I find most cities are alike, so prefer the country where the “real” people live! The only USA state I haven’t been in is Alaska and I would love to visit there also.  South America, Northern Canada, too.  Just a few😂

2.  I have only had a few haircuts I didn’t do myself.  It was a painstaking process when my hair was really short, but the natural curliness forgave my mistakes.  Cutting my son’s straight blonde hair was a challenge.  And since we’re on the subject, how many fathers out there have used a shaver to cut their son’s hair resulting in a flash trip to the barber?  Or was my husband the only one?🙄😳🤠

3.  I do online jigsaw puzzles every night to relax before sleep.  The app is “Totally Free Jigsaw” by Boy Howdy.

4.  Cities I’ve lived in are few.  I’ve lived in a few small towns, large towns, in the “sticks”, and suburbs.  Houston is the largest city I lived in for many years.

I am grateful that my oldest grandson turned 23, and is safely working as a firefighter and EMT.  It takes guts to do that job.
I am looking forward to some spring weather, finally, I hope, we can always hope, yup, looking forward to sunny days! 🌝🌸🌷🌞🌻🌼☀️

Tell Me Something Good – May 22, 2017

We had a great time with lots of laughing when all the family save one met at my home for my oldest grandson-23-birthday last night.  17 yr old g.s. helped me lift huge pots as we made dinner and my daughter made the birthday cake.  The guest of honor is a firefighter so she made the cake below.  It was quite a hit!  (And she is talented)😉💓





Have a wonderful week and hug a firefighter!💓

Picture Prompt-146

“Okay, everyone follow me”, the oldest bird yelled. ” I know you realize I’ve lost my way a few times but this time we’re really going to the Carribbean.  I admit we ended up in Bolivia that one time, and then once in Montana , but this time it’s the Caribbean, no problem!”  He forged ahead, portraying confidence to his wingmen.

Ben and Jerry, bringing up the rear, had their doubts.  They were young, but they’d heard the rumors, the old guy was losing it.  They glanced at each other and chuckled.  They weren’t a bad couple of youngsters, but they were secretly worried.  All this training and hard work to end up in a colder place than they left?  “Montana” they both thought at the same time and shared a giggly snort.  This was their second trip so they weren’t experienced enough to know how to fly anywhere, much less hundreds of miles.

The old leader was tired, but he had his directions right this time.  He also had stationed  a few seasoned fliers on the sides of the formation to make sure there were no strays.  He decided this was his last trip.  He would stay in the Caribbean and retire.