About 2021

Wow, it’s been five years here on WP and I have met some very interesting bloggers and consider them friends of mine. I find this blog is cathartic, as I feel free to write and comment in any way.

Whatever you take away from this “about page” I hope you continue to do your own thing on your blog, in your own unique way.

I started this blog as I was looking for something to do when recuperating from my second bout of cancer and very thankful to an online friend who suggested it. I wanted to bring some humor into the fact that cancer is not always a death sentence and can cause you to reevaluate your life. I had uterine cancer and as a result of radiation for that, was presented with bladder cancer. A lot of changes for me have taken place in the last 26 years and I share most of them here.

A year and more we’ve survived the pandemic so please be safe, wear masks and be careful. Good health to all!