Thanks a Lot🙄

When I accessed my blog (until last week) my menu had the last item “visit site” which I always did because I could see who looked at my blog with their icons. Now that item is no longer on the menu. I can’t see my blog even when I tried following myself in email. I can read the blog but no icons as to who read or looked at all. This is very frustrating because I can’t see how my blog is doing. I asked WP for help and this is their reply:


Apparently on the “free plan” I receive no help from them at all. But if I Pay them they will gladly help.😡Thanks for nothing, WP! If they can change my menu at their will and discretion, they should be able to change it back, right? And why are they messing with my menu anyway?😡


18 thoughts on “Thanks a Lot🙄

  1. For a number of days, I had no way to establish tags on my blog..I do have a paid plan and contacted them for help, but no one was available. They said they’d email, but never did. After a number of days, the tag section showed up but in an entirely different place where it has remained. I think perhaps they’ve been working on their site, so perhaps your blog will straighten out. Fingers crossed.

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    1. Certainly looks like they are ‘upgrading’ aka fixing what ain’t broke. Contacting them is a joke. Normally things sort themselves out after a day or two. It’s always the tag section or is that just me?


    2. type your blog address in the browser on your computer or phone and add this: /wp-admin/edit.php

      That should take you to a list of your blogs and if you hit If you hit “view” under the name of the blog, you can view it. Or, If you click on the edit function ..either classic editor or block editor, depending on which you use, you should be able to edit it. You may already be doing this, but just in case.

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    3. I have done that, it just is much easier to click on view site. They changed my items on the menu I’ve had forever and I’m using the block editor since it cam on to use. I didn’t think it made much difference and was getting tired of the change notification pop up 😀


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