SoCS 3-18-23

Possibly it’s red tape that has caused my internet to go blooey lately. This entire week my email and WP is haphazard at best. If you don’t see my likes or comments, I can only say sorry, not from lack of trying. I tried watching my granddaughter’s soccer games and the NFHS network’s cameras were not working—nothing new. They charge to be a member but their service is horrid.
Exasperating as it is, I did experience a good thing. My Roku had stopped working (just another annoyance lately) and when I thought I should move it out from my tv stand, I dropped it. All of a sudden the tv came on and the Roku has been working ever since. This was definitely in the twilight zone area since three family members and I had tried to get it to work previously.
I think it’s the internet service I have that is causing the tv to just go off without warning, slow charging of devices and other irritating issues. Or maybe it’s a secret recording tape by big brother listening in?? You never know😂


One thought on “SoCS 3-18-23

  1. I’ve been having a terrible time with WordPress too, and I started wondering if my gmail wasn’t working either, but I thought no, just my imagination, then I read this–maybe my email is screwed up too!

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