The Sunday Whirl 😳


You could look up every culture’s dictionary, in every era of time, and find out who used certain words, and probably who proudly decided it should be a word in the first place. Then you might be sorry as you realized who and how many changes were made to the original.

Here and now in the US we are experiencing a few ignorant people in political arenas that want to make me think that years of education and everything I’ve seen, read or experienced in person that has influenced my life, is wrong.

I must have been in another world or time growing up and what I saw and heard was all lies. Else, how can those people say and do these things? How do they get away with spouting all this discrimination and hate and subsequent actions? Are they owned by someone’s money? How do they sidestep the laws and the subpoenas that try to bring them to justice? Can you answer that please? I really want to know!