Above the Law😡

If you or I ignored a subpoena we would be in jail. Why are these people above the law? One of these people is expected to be Speaker of the House! These facts should make you angry.

From NPR: “Members of Congress were referred to the House ethics committee.”

The committee also announced that four members of Congress, who never complied with subpoenas, were referred to the House Ethics Committee.”

“They are Republican congressmen:

  • Kevin McCarthy of California;
  • Jim Jordan of Ohio;
  • Scott Perry of Pennsylvania; and
  • Andy Biggs of Arizona

All are close allies of Trump, and their resistance in the face of the rules has been emblematic of the antagonistic style of U.S. politics that was growing even before Trump came on the scene.

Whether anything happens to them, though, is unclear since Republicans will control the iteration of the ethics committee in the next Congress and McCarthy is in line to be the next speaker.”



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