Question Time 6 – Whoa there are a lot of them!🤓

Have you ever slept on / in a hammock?
Do you find it easy to maintain friendship with other people?
Are you a person of ethics?

If so, how does that impact your daily life?
Are you decisive or indecisive as a person?
Why do people hold double standards?

Inspired by Kristian and That Really Burns my Biscuits #10
What is your most unhealthiest but guiltiest pleasure and why?
What is your process of writing a new post for your blog?
If you were asked to create a Top Fifteen Book List holding books that you felt everyone should read at least once in their life and would never regret reading what titles would you include?
How important is it for you to know a person’s real name?
[Be this online, off line, social media or blogging]
When at school what were your top five subjects that you were passionate about?

Why was this – what did you love about them?

Are those five subjects still present in your life today in any form?

Are you a photogenic person?

Are you eager to appear in family or friend snaps?

Are there many photographs of you from and over the various stages and ages of your life?

With regard to the paranormal do you choose to not believe because there is nothing to believe or because you feel it is safer to not believe?

Are you a non-believer or a believer?
How are you with meeting strangers/new people who might or could become new friends?

Is there a process you adopt to identify if they are the right fit for you?

I’ve never slept in a hammock and it’s hard to maintain friends when you move often but there are always a few old ones that last. I am a decisive person with ethics and wish more others were also. I think double standards is taking the “easy way out” for some.

Sweets are my guilty pleasure but I find it easier in old age to control it. I put my favorite movies or books here on the blog.

I have a hard time remembering names anymore🙄 and I don’t think a person’s name defines them.

Hard to believe if you read my blog but English was my best subject, math the worst and favorite was sociology.

I had to laugh at this one…photogenic? Omg no! I skip photo sessions at gatherings and chill at the prospect.

I believe there are things in the universe we don’t know and would not comprehend fully. I don’t believe there’s an old white man sitting on a throne in the clouds. Oh oh, was that lightning I just saw😂

I love meeting people and have a tendency to form an opinion right away. I like to see warm smiles that include their eyes. Usually I adopt a go with the flow attitude til proven wrong.



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