What’s up with Apple?

Tried to download the new upgrade and everything went blooey😱. Then I was sent multiple messages to enter a passcode – a set of six numbers and I did so over and over to be told they were incorrect even though copied off message correctly. I had to change my password. Then was told everything would be merged into the cloud and my photos etc could only be accessed there. What the dickens? My phone had been acting up so when I first tried to download the upgrade thinking it would fix anything, it wouldn’t do it. Weird, or is it just me, again??? Calgon , take me away!



13 thoughts on “What’s up with Apple?

  1. Upgrading totally blew one of my MacBook Airs. It will no longer accept my password so I can’t change anything on it. It also really messed up my other one. In particular, it asks for an exchange password dozens of times a day. So frustrating. I’ve had two tech experts who can’t figure it out..and they are both really good. Why can’t they give us the option of leaving things as they are?

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