Elvis 2022 👎🏻

Anyone seen the new Elvis movie? My daughter and her daughter are wild about it and told me I should watch it now that it’s on HBO, so last night I did, at least I tried🙄.

I love Tom Hanks but his performance as The Colonel, nope, lacked…a lot. The narration was irritating. I liked some of Bas L. other movies such as “Moulin Rouge” but this?? I fast forwarded through much of the colonel’s speeches and the way it was “in your face” with cuts across the screens like a TikTok video and huge letters displayed was annoying. And constantly going back and forth in time is not my thing. Add to that, there were hardly any performances by the actor who actually played Elvis, which was a huge disappointment!

I give a lot of credit to Austin Butler who was very good as Elvis and his singing and dancing were great—he has potential, but the movie as a whole was a D+ at best.

Now tell me what you think, have you seen it? Since I “lived” it, is probably part of my problem. The 1968 comeback special is how I like to remember Elvis.



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