Monday Media

Last night I was looking for something different and my kids had suggested “Schittz Creek” but I had never seen it. I opened the tv and searched it, popped up on Netflix and started watching. I hadn’t checked the season number, just started watching. It was Season 6, episode 7 and I thought this is weird. Then I saw the wine tasting scenes as the David character made a face hearing “banana rose”. I had the same reaction but his facial expression was hilarious and I was laughing out loud by myself in my living room.

It has some of the cast of “Best in Show” and same quirky atmosphere. If you are looking for a laugh give it a try. Warning, it can be silly and stupid and sometimes gross but you can always turn it off.🙄😳😂I am enjoying Gene levy’s son Daniel in the cast as David and Catherine O’Hara is always funny. Chris Elliot is just Chris😀


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