What Day is it Anyway 🐻

Monday of course! I have decided this new place I’m living in is a “story a day” complex.

Last night I decided I have a bear living above me. I am on the first floor of a three story building. I have to say it’s well insulated as far as sound goes. The only time I hear a human is if I’m in the bathroom which borders the hallway. And don’t think about that too much either.

When I first moved in there was a lot of moving furniture scraping noises from above. No problem, I understand trying to get everything situated for yourself. Then in the middle of my second night I heard a huge bonk from above my bedroom. It sounded like a body fell. I listened wondering if I should call for help, but hearing no help or screams, I tried to get back to sleep.

Since then I hear no voices but a lot of drops, bonks and plodding heavy elongated steps above, as if you are trying to measure out yards with your feet. So I’ve decided, I have a bear living upstairs.



7 thoughts on “What Day is it Anyway 🐻

  1. I have no one above me, but I am sure the guy downstairs thinks I have elephants as pets. I am hoping the kitten Sophie will calm down soon and stop annoying Teddy and Jack.

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