What Day is it Anyway?😂

As you know by now I am in a newly constructed apartment complex. My own apartment is ADA outfitted with wonderful appliances but there is a problem. The dumpster for trash is huge and no access by wheelchair available. It’s a problem to keep trash in my apartment since I have no garbage disposal and lots of veggie trash-don’t think about it too much.😳🙄

The management knows this but it’s been six weeks and no remedy. My son in law who had me laughing so much said “put it out on the patio”. I replied “It’s against the rules.”

“What will they do” he asked. “Someone will take it. If the mgr complains tell them you have no choice.” Then he went on pretending to be me saying “well I could talk to the ADA and say there’s a problem…..or better yet I’ll have my lawyer do it…….” By this time I was laughing so hard I was tearful! I dearly love him and so blessed to have him.

I bought some large 3mil thick bags and yesterday I put one out full of trash on the patio. This morning it was gone. Like Loki told Thor – “I sent it off I know not where”😀



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