“Let’s go to Mexico” he said, “it’ll be fun” he said! Of course it has always beckoned me and living so close to the border I thought, why not?

We packed for a day trip and the brand new Explorer was gassed up, had snacks and water, because, well you know what they say—you never drink the water.

All the warnings about what you should drink and not, eat and not and how not to ask for directions in English. We planned it all, had our English Spanish dictionary handy and off we set.

The morning sun was brutal and after crossing into Mexico the desert was unforgiving. We were headed to a small town and about a hundred miles in when the engine overheated. Both of us were incredulous since this was a brand new SUV and we didn’t expect or prepare for any problems. We did think ahead enough to get a AAA membership but the cel service was not available in the area where we were stranded.

The engine finally cooled off draining our water supply and left us unprepared for a cold desert evening. No blankets or warm provisions needed, because we decided we’d be home that night.

Luckily a patrol car spotted us and the officers spoke English. We were towed back to the border and cel service restored but spent the night at a motel . If and when there’s another outing, we hope to be better prepared.



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  1. They sounded VERY prepared…. so I knew something was going to have to go wrong. You did a great job! Thanks for participating in thsi week’s prompt challenge. I enjoyed the read.

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