SoCS – My Conscience this morning 😡


Black is the color for our justice system when a crybaby sits on a witness stand and professes innocence in the shooting of three people, two of them dead, one horribly injured, with a semi automatic rifle. Video actually shows him deliberately running into the fray to do so…yet he is white, so acquitted. There is no gray area here, he is obviously guilty.

This is what the protests and riots are about. This has not been remedied. This is blatant prejudice which we as a nation are so guilty of. I cannot imagine the feelings of the victims’ families now. The judge should be ashamed and taken off the bench.

I would not be surprised to see a follow up news article that Rittenhouse has been shot himself. After a while people get tired of no justice and the results cause more violence.


7 thoughts on “SoCS – My Conscience this morning 😡

  1. Somehow I managed to feel shocked yet not surprised at all at the same time. Someone said it best when they pointed out it’s possible to not be surprised but also be enraged. I’d like to stop seeing the media portray it as a miscarriage of justice — this is precisely how our criminal system was designed, there is no justice to it.

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