It’s me again. Just delete ☠️

My granddaughter was in a state marching band contest today and I had the link to watch it online. The site wouldn’t let me watch it unless I paid $11.00 a month or a year’s subscription for 70$ . What the???

I told my daughter pretty soon you’ll have to sign up and pay a site to pee in your own toilet!

Okay that was a bit over the top but I’ve had tech problems for a few days now and I’m sick of it! I went in to my site to fix and replace what WP took off (with their new and improved?system) and the thing just sits there saying it’s loading the customizer. Yes my iPad was fully charged. Yes I let it sit. It never let me in. Arrgh 🙄


6 thoughts on “It’s me again. Just delete ☠️

  1. I’m having huge issues with show sites that I pay to subscribe to charging extra for all the shows that I want to watch. So why am I paying a subscription fee then?! You’re right–pretty soon we’ll be charged for our own bodily functions!

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  2. Even the people who have always charged are coming back for a second bite of the apple. Now they’re introducing “+ level” services where they put the good stuff. I don’t mind paying something for service, but the minimum seems to be $10 a month unless you want to fork over a large annual payment.

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  3. It’s getting ridiculous. Every service wants their piece of the pie. Disappointed in Amazon who charges extra now to watch movies. They are all taking advantage of the pandemic 🙄


  4. We had the same problem with the Olympic 2021. We couldn’t watch too many programs from NBC. It advertised for a Peacock station but needed subscription to watch.
    Also, I daughter had a Tinybeans account to post the kids photos daily. After four years, the owner wanted it to be a $40/year subscription program , claimed to have 20 million subscribers. So if everyone pays, he (a family man) would get $800 million income/year overnight? My daughter said she’s not going to subscribe. My daughter would have to subscribe to post photos. Her family (like me) and friends who want to see the photos also have to subscribe. What a rip off? I told her even Facebook and Twitter don’t charge.

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