Midweek Monday Peeve

You buy fruit and hope it will ripen under a clear tent on the kitchen shelf. . .which leads me to a question. Any shows or movies I have watched always feature a fruit bowl, sometimes in a living room. . .am I the only one, again?

Who eats fruit in the living room? They must eat only dry fruit or I’m just sloppy with the juice. And how come it always looks undisturbed and fresh? Okay, that aside and my peeve is this. Why is each single fruit except grapes individually labeled with an impossible to remove sticker?

The print is so small I doubt anyone stops to read it, and if you like plums, peaches or tomatoes to eat when ripe? Try removing it without destroying the fruit and losing half the skin! They do not wash off. Oh and the shows that feature fruit have no fruit flies? A mystery?



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