What? ⚠️TMI Rant⚠️

My daughter (my other mom)😄 wants me to get a shingles vaccine shot. My dad suffered with shingles so I know it’s not something I want! I was checking it out only to discover they are not covered by Medicare, at least mine. I no longer have the added $196 monthly cost for prescription meds through M and even then, most pharmacies tell me Medicare doesn’t cover this shot. Since I had chickenpox as a child I may get this horrid malady and I don’t want to take any chances. My second main health issues deal with nerve pain so I am susceptible🥴. How is the average person supposed to come up with the minimum fee I researched which was $185?

Maybe I’ll write Medicare and ask them. Nah, I remember asking them to cover my urostomy appliances and they replied “they are not essential items”. Oh yeah? So a person who has their bladder removed because of cancer has to go around uncovered and leaking all over the place? Bandaids don’t work, honey 🤯.



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