Time does not heal all wounds

This is a personal vent, read at your own risk. I’m writing it here, hoping to rid my mind of the disappointment and yes, hate I have for someone. Most years since 1995 I have put these feelings aside because really, what good are they? There’s nothing I can do to change it, I have tried and failed.

It was only yesterday when my granddaughter joined Ancestry and I was asked some questions about my immediate family growing up. Simple enough looking back on photos, memories, but then a document showing what my step mother gave to a museum-items my father had-that these horrid feelings came rushing back. Maybe some of you have had a similar experience, one of your parents dies and you, your siblings and the rest of the family receive nothing of the deceased parent to show or give to your own children or grandchildren.

I printed a copy of these items for my daughter and her family and felt sorrow in the fact that they will never see these things. Why this small town museum in a different state received these items, even the curator of the museum didn’t know. My father never lived there, near there nor did my step mother. We contacted the museum and they will not return any items to us, including a family bible with ancient records of births and deaths, etc. The town or museum people did not know my father or step mother, but will not give us these items that mean nothing to them. I won’t share details of the items, it isn’t important.

I know I should let this go. After all what good does it do to dwell? None. I just had to write about it, hoping it will help me forget for another few years until it’s brought up in some way again. Thanks for reading.



17 thoughts on “Time does not heal all wounds

  1. I’m so sorry you have be robbed of things so special to you by a woman who was either clueless or spiteful or both. Life is very cruel sometimes; however, you seem to have a lovely relationship with your own family so maybe that is your recalibration gift from the universe… I don’t know. My thoughts are with you regardless.

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  2. So sad.When my former brother-in-law died a short while ago, his second wife didn’t invite any of his children or grandchildren to the funeral! Didn’t even let them know the date. Unbelievable. She said she was too grief-stricken and couldn’t deal with them! They are having their own memorial for him in a few weeks and everyone in the family is coming from all over–including me from Mexico. Hard to forgive these selfish oversights.

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  3. Yes I know it is frustrating. I have lost most of my mum and dads stuff when my X and I separated. She took some stuff and threw the rest in a rubbish skip. Since then I have moved 7 times and had more stuff either lost of stolen. Sadly – the reason I am not that bothered is that I have had lots of worse things happen since then. I guess things will get better sooner or later, I will pray for sooner.

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