dVerse Poetics

The shiny green orb

Perfect smooth skin unblemished

Tangy verdant peels enhance delight

Fresh white pulp, juicy, sweet and clear

Only a short while visible

Time ages this wonder quickly when white beauty fringed in green

Meets the browning air.



29 thoughts on “dVerse Poetics

  1. Apples are sure getting a lot of love, and this poem is no exception to that thread. I love how you delve into the different stages of the apple from its life to its death. Very beautifully written!

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  2. “white beauty fringed in green” is such a beautifully delicate way to put it, as fragile and fleeting as the delicate fruit itself.

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  3. This is absolutely stellar writing, Cheryl! I love how you have described it as a “shiny green orb,” it does feel that way 😀

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  4. Now here’s a coincidence, Cheryl! I’ve just commented on Elaine’s latest painting, and then your post dropped into my reader! I’m seeing apples everywhere! 🤣
    And a very tasty, descriptive poem here too!

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