The past enjoyment of having a meal delivered has now turned into a grim reality and is getting to me. A simple order from a restaurant arrived Saturday and fragrant hot beef and broccoli with rice filled the air. Of course the delivery person left it at the door and drove away. It took a minute to get the bag open since it was “sealed for my protection” and I found it was missing two spring rolls, my favorite! Clearly paid for on the attached receipt, so why are they missing?

Food delivery used to be a treat once or twice a month, but all the previous fun is gone. Grocery delivery is hit and miss at best and my brain is starting to sizzle!


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  1. It’s been a long time since I ordered a meal to be delivered. Usually, the wait was long, and the food not as good as it would have been if delivered promptly. And I have never ordered groceries to be delivered. I want to see what I am buying before I pay for it. Especially when it is meat, fruit, and vegetables.

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