Sunday is supposed to be relaxing, isn’t it?

No need to prevaricate today. I just made the biggest drastic mistake I’ve made in years. Apparently I have abandoned any reasonable focus on the task at hand – laundry – and lost all perspective as I ended up packing my iPhone in the washer with said laundry.

As you might know I use a wheelchair and scooter, and the scooter has a basket which carries my cel phone at all times in case my clumsiness ends me unexpectedly on the floor or cement, which has happened a few times. But I digress. . .After my shower I had a few clothes to add to the washer so put them in the basket–mistake number one–to carry to the washer. Unknowingly I picked up the phone along with the clothing and threw it all in the wash–mistake number two.

Hearing a slight clunk after it started, I checked, couldn’t see anything, so shut the door and it started again–mistake number three.

Fixed coffee and went to grab my phone to read blogs, and noticed it was nowhere to be seen. PANIC! Put the scooter in rabbit mode–mistake number four–and practically rammed the washer! Clicked the off button, waited and got a bucket to take out soaked clothes and. . .my phone.😳🤯

I grabbed a towel and took off the protective back case and it looked completely fine. I shook it, tapped it and dried as much as possible. I’ve never had an iPhone and my other android phones I could dismantle easily. The iPhone, not! I broke two fingernails trying to get it apart to dry out the inside, no luck. I grabbed a loaf pan and rice and immersed the phone in rice. It still was looking fine and working so maybe no damage done?🥸

Of course my whole family is away this weekend so I can’t ask them to help. I checked google and all directions for removing an iPhone 7+ back are too difficult and require a set of special tools? Yikes. If the rice doesn’t work, I am keeping my fingers crossed the iPhone case is as “waterproof” as the ad says it is.


14 thoughts on “Sunday is supposed to be relaxing, isn’t it?

  1. You kept me engaged the whole time and now my brain won’t stop asking: “so how’s the phone now?!” And since it’s not satisfied with “I don’t know”, I’m asking you. 😂 hope it’s still working.
    From one iPhone owner to another—cheers, Dee

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    1. So far it’s still bathing in rice. I received advice to leave it there as long as I could. It was working and looking fine immediately but I chose to leave it in rice.

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    2. Let’s hope rice does the trick. These phones are too expensive not to use till they become totally obsolete (I still have the very 1st iPhone, now just for keeps, but I used it till apple stopped allowing updates on it 😂 — it was the butt of my friends joke 😹)

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    1. It seems ok but I’ll not use it till I have to. My grandson says not to turn it on for 24 hours at least since the electric spark could ignite a problem inside the phone.

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  2. Oh Cheryl. Hubby put his mobile in the washer TWICE and it didn’t survive the final fast spin the second time. The replacement also got put in the machine, and instantly died. The third was great for a while, until he dropped it in the marina. Now I carry the phones.

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