Fandango’s Friday Flashback


I’ve come to the end, just like my search for happiness. I’ve been down this path so many times, and I’m tired of walking it over and over again. I must be crazy. I must set myself up to fail. I certainly haven’t been able to succeed at this, this life of love and happiness I keep hearing about. Hearing, reading, watching in movies and television shows. I don’t think it’s possible. Those movies on the Hallmark Channel . . .girl meets boy, they’re attracted, fall in love, then a conflict arises, they part, but get together again in the last five minutes. The plot is predictable, silly really. Life isn’t like that. Oh and don’t forget the couple is always good looking, one of them has a good job, or money, but somehow their life isn’t complete until they meet “the one”. You know what? I’m sick of looking for the one. Maybe there isn’t a “one” for everyone. Maybe some people are just meant to be alone, and have to make the best of what they have instead of always trying to find someone else to make them complete. This road has ended and so has my search. Time to regroup.


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  1. I know this is fiction, but in real life, many people do think they won’t be complete until they find “the one’. But maybe finding “the one” isn’t as important as finding yourself. Just a thought.

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