Three Dog Night

It sure is and since I have no dogs at this time I have to use three blankets! And then this from 1971, the year we moved from TX to CO and my daughter was born.


When I heard the lyric “well I’ve never been to heaven” I knew the melody but months ago when these words and tune was in my head, I could not remember the song and all searching for lyrics etc turned up nothing. So when I heard this song tonight I said “Eureka – finally!”😅 Videos have come a long way😀

5 thoughts on “Three Dog Night

  1. I remember this. I wonder that we have been to heaven, but that our western capitalist consumer culture offers ever “better” heavens, so we discount the one we’ve been to in search of the next and new one?

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    1. I certainly think I’ve been there a few times in my life as I believe it’s all right here, heaven or hell, whatever you make of it.


  2. The idea that ‘I’ve never been to heaven’ sort of interests me.
    I mean ….. if I had been to heaven then how would I know? Do you get a tattoo or a t-shirt or something to mark the occasion, or should I ‘just ‘know’?
    My gut feeling is that I have been to heaven but was subsequently ejected due to my lack of consistently heavenly behaviour. I can manage it (quite earnestly) for a while, but eventually old, bad habits emerge and render me ineligible.

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