Have you heard of Thelonious Squid

His evil doings he never kept hid

The villagers thought of him with dread

Even though Thelonious was dead

No one traveled alone at night

The thought of seeing him gave such fright

If he caught you watching his deeds

In the black swamp among the reeds

He’d take your eyes maybe your feet

You would be unable to retreat

Thelonious was such an evil sort

He’d laugh as he maimed you just for sport

Take my advice whether big or small

Lock doors and windows if he comes to call.



7 thoughts on “Warning😱

  1. Thelonious had only one friend
    Who remained with him right to the end
    At night he would mate
    With his octopus date
    (but in private, so as not to offend)

    Thelonious – quite the Don Yuan
    Has left something behind (now he’s gone)
    For the couple would spawn
    Something more than a prawn
    And the Squidapus legend lives on

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