Our Loss

Committing treason, sedition, and craven disregard for any pursuit of a right, being complicit in terrorist acts of violence, provided by false claims of fraud, is due to the leader in charge–a “president”, who will hide in his chamber while watching with glee on his television, a safe distance away. He is responsible for the storm of pseudo militants, dressed in ridiculous paraphernalia, looking like proud two year old dressed up bullies.

The failure of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government for the last four years enabled this man to try to be a dictator. Even as the dust is settling, he goads the lawless mobs on to more violence in the coming days. Why has this man not been jailed immediately? Where is the backbone of our original government of 1776?



2 thoughts on “Our Loss

  1. Thank you! I am applauding your words. I love your use of “ridiculous paraphernalia.” When I see these idiots parading around town making sure we all see their open carries, I wonder “Do they realize how ridiculous they look?” Though, now there is a bit of fear towards them and their intentions.

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