Rory’s Weekend Quickie


1. My stand on statues, is I think they are good to have as a reminder of what good or evil has been done in the person’s life. A reminder of past horrors is not a bad thing, lest we repeat them. Personally I’d like to be a mermaid statue sitting by the Hans Christian Andersen statue. I love the last sentence, very clever, R!

2. I am definitely not a resolution maker, keeper or want to be. Every day is enough for me.

3. “Drum You Out” would be our name and we’d perform at every Trump event.

4. I think you just asked it.

5. A Sasquatch of course! Living in beloved woods, roaming free. I would love scaring all litterers and fire starters.

6. The fastest, most economical way.


Thank you Rory!

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