MLMM First Line Friday 1-1-21


“What, were you expecting a cauldron?” I looked back to see her following me. She was dressed all in black, trailing a black cat, and that hat! As she passed by, even the trees flattened out, just like her hat.

I turned because an eerie feeling of something behind me was giving me the creeps. A lovely stroll in the country, the sun shining, when this chilly feeling started to crawl up my spine. As I turned, the clouds turned black and the atmosphere turned brown and faded. She only said that one sentence, but kept trailing me.

I quickened my pace, hoping the air would return clear and sunny, and I would hear the birds singing as before. I glanced back again and she just kept walking towards me. I tell you walking, but it really seemed like floating as no low movement was detected. The cat’s legs, however were moving, and I was glad to see that.

I looked to see a glimmer of sunlight far ahead, and hurried a bit more. Surely I had done nothing to receive such an unwelcome guest. The glimmer started to fade and I started running, glancing back and hoping not to see the “witch” getting closer. It seemed I was making headway, so kept on.

The last thing I remember was my last glance back and feeling relieved as she was gone. I turned my head back around, coming face to face with the specter. My heart stopped. What had I done to deserve such a fate?


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