The Monday Peeve ⚠️


Here’s MY “I message 2020″:


I feel “dissed”!





And while I’m ranting, since when is news not new anymore? What’s new that I need to know about, important enough to be a headline and blasted into my world for days or weeks?

News such as Trump blah blah blah and if I never see his face again I would thank the gods! Peoples’ unbelievably high incomes, sports figure’s troubles, people who decide to back something or someone, who divorced, sexual orientation, has covid, who is fighting, who married, who is cheating, who is losing or gaining weight, who has a new pet? Who cares? Is there any real news fit to print anymore?

The topper today was a mother who’s 6 year old racked up thousands of dollars on a video game. I mean really. . .this goes into the “I’m not wearing a mask and you can’t make me” category. It’s your own stupidity and we can’t change you, so why should we read about it? Headline worthy?

Okay I guess I’m done, for now. I read a lot of different news outlets, well except for Fox and I am tired of what is considered news. Walter Kronkite is rolling over in his grave.


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