MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt 12-6-20


James liked reading the best of all activities his family could afford, and that wasn’t much since James was the age of three. Three years old began his library visits, story telling time, and being able to bring a stack of books home for a week. No matter how many books he brought home on those Saturdays, he was finished reading them all by Sunday night. The rest of the week he would reread them until they were practically memorized.

Tonight he was enjoying a sparse Christmas Eve reading a new library book about King Arthur and his round table of knights. He was getting sleepy and dozed off. Suddenly he woke to see the figures on the pages jump around. The knights were having a joust and James saw it all. He was drawn into the scene and saw himself standing on the sidelines, dressed as a squire! He could hear the crowd chanting for his knight and smelled the horses as he watched the tournament.

A few hours later, James found himself slumped over the book, in his own bed and room. He had received the best Christmas gift he could imagine.

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