What day is it anyway?

Actually it started out early, with the person above me resetting his vibrating phone alarm over and over. It was chilly so just stayed under the covers for a bit.

Showered, and ready to take the trash, mail a few thank you notes for my birthday gifts and do laundry. Exciting, eh?

I have an inordinate fear of spiders. I don’t even like seeing pics of them. I have a spider stain on my bedroom wall left there as a warning to any creatures of their fate if they invade my territory.

I must have picked up a huge one on my outdoor run for when I was folding my towels, saw a big brown one. And I’m talking big! My dilemma- should I shake him off to brown carpet where I’ll lose him? Yikes!

Panic set in and I shook him off the towel to keep him off my bed. If I had lost him on my bed I’d never get on it again–FEAR!

I scooted out to the kitchen to get my hand held vacuum and luckily he was still moving on the carpet so I sucked him up.

I also have a fear of things crawling back out of the vacuum so I went outside and dumped him on the gravel. I still get shivers picturing him. I know it’s ridiculous but it is a never gone childhood fear.


So how was your day?🤠



7 thoughts on “What day is it anyway?

  1. I love spiders – BUT – at times they can still freak me out especially when you are not expecting them to pay you a visit.

    Many years ago l was cleaning out a stables in Lincolnshire and a huge Harvester spider also known as Caves dropped from the stable roof and fell on my shoulder. My then wife said ‘Rory a spider is on your shoulder!! It’s effing massive!!!” Well she was known for pranks and so l ignored her until l felt something on my neck which l mistook for a piece of straw until when l brushed it aside the thing ran across my face ………………………… well, as said l love spiders but even l have my limits!

    The fastest time for the mile is supposedly just under four minutes … l have a difference of opinion actually!! Onlookers and observers thought l broke the speed barrier when l ran shrieking from that stable!!

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