Houston Highways

I was chatting about “the High Street” at https://pensitivity101.wordpress.com and asked her about the use of “the” in front of the street name. I hear it referred to in British programs. She informed me it means a main road. That reminded me of driving on the high streets of the interchanges in Houston, Texas. The very highest road was curved and everyone was still driving seventy plus mph, even semis! I don’t know how many made that curve safely, but look out below!

Once I knew all the names for the roads, I navigated the city easily. I really like driving and in Houston you rarely get honked at. People stopping, tires rolling off, trash falling out, people going from lane one to lane four with no signals, anything goes! But that one high curved road always made me nervous.



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  1. Glad you survived the overpass! I make it a point to never drive through Houston if I can avoid it. It’s not so much the drivers … it’s the very poor signage. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a sign that reads, “Suchandsuch Street … previous exit”.

    You should come drive the High Five here in Dallas. Take the overpass from eastbound 635 to northbound 75. For maximum enjoyment, I recommend taking it about 70 MPH. Although I don’t recommend it if you have acrophobia or vertigo.

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    1. I have driven that on my way to Denver. I always thought Dallas drivers were more polite than Houston drivers. However I had an accident on a dark rainy night there, passing through to home in Houston. A big truck hit me from behind, smashed my trunk and the lid flew up so I couldn’t see anything. Broke a Samsonite suitcase etc. 🙄. Luckily a cop was right there saw the whole thing and helped me navigate off an exit. The driver of the truck disappeared down another exit. No one hurt.


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