A Warning

Lately I’ve been getting texts of all kinds – scam texts. They call me different names and I’ve blocked at least four different numbers a day from these texts.

One says my Netflix is going to be canceled if I don’t do…

one yesterday said my phone subscription would be canceled if I didn’t respond…

another said my medicare would be stopped if….

usually it’s just, hey we have your new iPhone, etc waiting if you…

But now it’s getting so annoying I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried blocker apps and they don’t work. I’ve blocked tracking, changed browsers, etc. I’m at my wit’s end!

Maybe you are aware and maybe you’re not, but don’t fall for these scammers. And if anyone knows how to get rid of them, please tell me.



7 thoughts on “A Warning

  1. The worst one I got this far was threatening to show explicit pictures of me on Facebook to your family and friends. I’ve blocked so many numbers but somehow the crap finds a way. I’m with you on being frustrated.

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    1. The messages are nearly free to send. If one person out of 100,000 clicks on the link, they win. They might sell you a bogus product, or they might just sell your contact information as “someone who clicks on these things” – which brings a higher price.

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  2. I think I got one today.. in Spanish..yet I couldn’t be sure. It sounded like a delivery, but she said not today.. in three weeks. I should have a shipment of books coming from Chicken Soup for The Soul, but would they call me in Spanish for a shipment that will arrive in three weeks? They were checking out my address. Finally I told them to call my neighbor who speaks fluent Spanish. They never did.. but it has me wondering what this was all about..Lots of scam phonecalls going on here right now..As though we don’t have problems enough without this, too…

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