What Day is it Anyway?

Technically it is Wednesday, 1:02 in the morning. I just finished watching Will Ferrell with Jerry Seinfeld on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (Netflix version). I love this show and after a hard day it is a great pick me up. If you have a cat you will get a great laugh watching Will when they are in a cafe and Jerry talks about getting a cat for his wife.

You know that feeling when you’ve spent hours five – ten pm on the phone, computer in a chat or on hold with customer service? I had put in a grocery order and received a text photo showing groceries at a door–just not my door. I tried to contact the deliverer and they were already offline . Trying to explain what happened over five calls and a chat, you can imagine. All said and done, I have no idea whose fault it was, or care. Deliverer said they were given the wrong address, Instacart chat person tried to blame me , said I gave the wrong address which is already established in the order app, and a confused deliverer showed up at my door twice, once to say she got it wrong but it was not her fault and an hour later to bring bags of what I don’t know. I was not about to accept delivery after the frozen and cold items had been left at someone else’s home. How she explained it was all a bit fishy and I said no thanks. Why is it never simple and straightforward?


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    1. I think it’s a problem in today’s world, too much separation between the customer and person on a phone in another part of the world causing it. Communication even with all of technology doesn’t make it easy to really communicate. And many face to face or even neighborhood stores are facing the reality, and probably won’t survive.

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