The Rooster Crows

The old man roused himself from his bedding and fished out the pocket watch from his pajamas. He was shocked to see it was almost noon.

“What in tarnation? Martha! Why didn’t you wake me? It’s almost lunch time and I haven’t even done the milking! This alarm gadget is useless!”

“No worries, dear, George did the milking and let you sleep in and rest after your hard work yesterday. Bringing in hay is no longer a chore you should be doing.”

“Nonsense! I can still wield a pitchfork as good as any man! If it wasn’t for this dang contraption, I wouldn’t have been so tardy. Where’s a good old rooster crow when you need it? I think I’ll go down to Frank’s and see if he has one to spare. At least they are reliable!”


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