One Daily Word Prompt – Caution

Going to the grocery, or a movie or restaurant, or even a doctor’s appointment would be a pleasant experience for me since I’m mostly a homebody. Now I don’t want any of those experiences and prefer to stay home. My gregarious self has taken caution seriously. When an average trip out in public may cause someone to point a gun at me for just walking down the street–no thanks. I might be wearing the wrong color, have a weird hairdo, or say something provoking, like “hi, how are you?”.

7 thoughts on “One Daily Word Prompt – Caution

  1. Not to mention how uncomfortable the masks are. Not that I don’t wear one, but in a restaurant, six feet away from your companion, waiters all masked, the next table twelve feet away, what are the rules for eating and drinking. Do you replace your mask after every sip? Fanagle a straw between you and the mask? Do you lift the mask fo reach forkful? No one tells us these things. And the hand washing.. does that twenty seconds include rinsing or is that just the soaping part? What are the precise rules?

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