SoCS 6-27-20 – PC?

The prompt this week is coffee, tea, or me. I wrote a post ages ago using this phrase which is old, dated, probably looked at as sexist these days, but it was meant as a joke, by me. Most of the 60s jokes, comedy routines, etc are no longer considered funny. Henny Youngman’s ” take my wife, please”, for example–I’ve used references to these old jokes in my posts but maybe I have offended someone by doing so. We had Bill Cosby albums and our family in the 70s laughed out loud at them, and used some tag lines from them. No one has ever said they were offended. We never thought to look at the person who was telling those jokes. It was entertainment about family life. The cleanest comedian I always find funny is Sinbad, but he probably is curbing his routines in light of recent events.

Comedians like Rodney Dangerfield probably wouldn’t survive today. I still look at some of his work and think it’s hilarious. George Carlin offended everyone and anyone, seen as radical, but he would be popular today. Seinfeld’s “not that there’s anything wrong with that” is used in our family still and we apply it in all types of ways.

I watched Chris Rock’s “bad apples” routine which was done in 2017 after a horrible event, and it is now resurrected. I love comedy but when should it be no longer just sarcasm and who, if anyone, does it hurt? Old protest songs are making a comeback and it seems like anything you write or say can be turned or twisted to be offensive. Many times I write something, pick an old song video, etc, and think, is this going to bother someone? Well you can tell me if it does, I’ll listen, but you can always delete, like this post for example😉.

12 thoughts on “SoCS 6-27-20 – PC?

  1. I like old comedy and edgy comedy. What I cannot stand is the current mock my own ethnic group type of “comedy” that plays up old stereotypes. But they get away with it if it’s self-mockery. Makes me cringe 😒

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  2. I must admit I will often scrub a comment if I think it could be interpreted as offensive. Less so with actual posts, because I have the opportunity to put a word into context. Course, people might get upset anyway, but at least then. my words are explained. And ultimately you’re right – anybody who gets offended can always unfollow.

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