What Day is it Anyway?

It is another day and no dollar, no peace, no new administration, certainly no typing correctly on this phone, but I had to force myself to put on a smile and call my doc.

My kids want to take me over to the new house and of course I want to see it and them so I want to check with the doc first to see if I’m safe.

And it is laundry day. I totally dread this because changing the bedding on a huge king size bed is not easy. I have a new bamboo comforter that is bigger than me and the scooter combined so getting it off and stuffed into a washer is an adventure. As Sophia says, “picture it” or maybe not!

I hope to write something positive or humerous–it has not been easy lately and I’m sure we all feel the same way. I hope my anger has quelled a bit but I’m not promising anything. As you can probably tell, I have not opened the news yet. Otherwise I would not have the gumption to do anything.

Here’s to peace and thought I would share one of the birds I have in my apartment:

Stay well, stay safe 🤞



8 thoughts on “What Day is it Anyway?

  1. My granddaughter is black and driving me, we noticed a large police presence everywhere. She said, oh, I’m worried, I haven’t gotten my new license plates yet. She lost her job with the lockdown. I said, well if anyone tries to take you out of the car, I won’t let them. She said you can’t even walk, what will you do? I’ll think of something I said. We weren’t stopped but there were protestors on the corner of the major highway and a large protest expected Saturday.

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